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Stay on top of your Tenements with 1slate!

1slate is a featured helper to assist you in keeping track of documents and obligations for effectively managing tenements.


Tracks Dates

Generates important dates for all your tenements!

Sends Reminders

Receive and send emails to the people who need to know!

Keeps Documents

Keeps documents organised and backed-up!

Easy to Use

Easy and instinctive to use!

Audit Friendly

Keeps track of past tasks and associated documents!

GIS Enabled

Visualise where your tenements are and nearby Lots!

Features you'll love

Task and Date Tracker

1slate allows you to generate important dates and tasks for all your tenements. Emails will be sent out to tenement monitors and personnel to make sure the people who need to know never miss an important date!



Environmental Authorities

Land Tenure

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Secure Document Storage

Documents can be attached to tasks, tenements, work programs, expenditures and much more! All communication with 1slate is encrypted, while documents are stored in secure Australian locations.

Encrypted at rest

Encrypted in transit

Backed up daily

Full access control

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Integration with Government Services

1slate leverages the data made publically available by the Australian government to take away form the hassle of manually entering data. Get your basic tenement information and geographic locations straight from government databases!

Geographic Data

Holders and Representatives


Sub-Block Data

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